Benefits of Yoga


Yoga means union―uniting the mind, body, and spirit.


It is a therapeutic practice used to find harmony and heal the body. It also improves posture, alignment, joint flexibility, strength, energy, happiness, and inner peace. Additionally, it is shown to stabilize the nervous system, lower blood pressure, increase cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency, as well as improve concentration and metabolism resulting in overall balance.

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga: Revitalize and Restore your body in this beginner friendly fundamental yoga class. Combining the basics of yoga and steady breathing this class will gently help improve spine alignment, increase flexibility, and build strength. Expect a slower paced class with basic, common postures and use of props. Gentle yoga class is the best fit if you have an injury, feeling low-energy or are pregnant.  We encourage all to participate regardless of age or experience. 


Yoga 1: If you feel comfortable and confident moving through basic poses and are ready to explore their more challenging variations, Level I class is most likely for you.  Expect to do more standing poses and moving from one pose to another at a faster pace than Gentle class. The poses will require more strength, balance and flexibility, but don’t worry; you will be guided in practice while being offered multi- level modifications to suit your specific needs.


Yoga 2: The most difficult of all our yoga classes, Yoga II is perfect fit for you if you have been practicing for a while, have a strong understanding of most yoga poses and don’t need to see demonstration for every pose. Expect to try more challenging poses like arm balances, inversions, back-bends  and deeper stretches. You don’t have to already be masters of these advanced poses, but you should have a desire to try them out. 


Deep Stretch/Yin Yoga: focuses on strengthening and stretching the deep tissues around the hips and lower spine through floor postures. Poses are relaxed and held for longer periods of time, making this class great for physical rehabilitation.


Restorative Yoga: helps us learn to relax and rest deeply and completely. In this class props are used to support the body so that you can hold poses for longer periods of tie allowing you to open up your body through passive stretching. The procedures are usually laying on your back or seated yoga poses with the addition of props that we provide for you; blocks, bolsters, and blankets, to eliminate any unnecessary straining.


Harmony Barre:  This class uses basic ballet movements to tone thighs, burn fat, and lift the seat. The benefits of this class include improving posture, strengthening the abdominal muscles, and lengthening  the muscles to create a long, lean body. Warning: our barre students often complain that their new long lean bodies attract a lot more attention!  


Mat Pilates: Align yourself through strength stretch and balance in our Mat Pilates class. No big machines required—The functional movement in Mat Pilates will emphasize and improve your posture, balance, and flexibility. A great workout for anyone looking to conquer the world! 



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  Yoga Etiquette


To support harmony in our classes, PLEASE:


* Arrive to class on time...we have a 5      minute grace period- NO EXCEPTIONS!

* Sign in at the front desk for each class    even if you are taking multiple classes

* Take your shoes off before entering the  studio

* Avoid wearing strong perfume

* Turn off your phone

* Place your shoes, purses etc. on the  shelves provided in the back room




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 $25 - 2 weeks Unlimited

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(6 MONTHS EXP. $17./class) 

$150 ― 10 CLASS SERIES

(6 MONTHS EXP.  $15/class)

$300 ― 25 CLASS SERIES

(1 YEAR EXP.  $12/class)

$49- 5 CLASSES/Mo.







$325 ― SERIES of 5 privates

           YOUTH YOGA


$120 -10 classes ( 6 mo. exp.)

$69 unlimited month (auto-pay)

Students and Seniors 10% discount